MCDONALD’S Frozen poultry & Cook-It-Yourself Packs

2020 • 5 • 15

McDonald’s has introduced much more cook-it-yourself packs! This time, the new breakfast lineup includes hotcake mix as well as premium coffee. This is in addition to the frozen poultry products that they started selling last month.

In this post, we’ll show you info on exactly how to purchase both the breakfast as well as poultry products that you can cook at home!

Wat wordt er in deze gids behandeld?

Frozen poultry Packs
Cook-It-Yourself breakfast Packs
Regular cooked Menu
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Frozen poultry Packs

McDonald’’s introduced their cook-it-yourself poultry packs last month. These frozen products are NOT offered in McDonald’s branches anymore, however you can still purchase them at different SM Markets as well as Walter Mart Supermarkets.

See the listing of offered products below, however take note that product availability varies per branch.

Products offered in SM Markets as well as Walter Mart Supermarkets:

Marinated poultry Cuts (10 pcs/pack)

Spicy Marinated poultry Cuts (10pcs/pack)

Chicken McNuggets (1.1kg or approx 50pcs/ pack)

Available only in SM Markets:

Breaded poultry Fillet (60pcs/pack)

You may inspect the listing of supermarkets where you can purchase these frozen packs here: listing OF partner SUPERMARKETS!

Cook-It-Yourself breakfast Packs

The quick food giant’s newest restricted offer is their cook-it-yourself breakfast. You can purchase these products at choose McDonald’s branches with take out as well as drive-thru only as well as not for DELIVERY.

The complying with products are offered up until supplies last.

Premium Coffee grounds (80g)
Price: P99

Hot Fudge Topping (2kg)
Price: P399

Caramel Topping (2kg)
Price: P399

Hotcake mix (1kg)
Price: P149

Hotcake Syrup (1kg)
Price: P199

Tonkatsu Sauce (1kg)
Price: P199

Mayonnaise (1.5kg)
Price: P399

For the listing of stores where you can avail these products, you can inspect here: listing OF MCDO stores selling COOK-IT-YOURSELF PACKS!

Regular cooked Menu

If you’re missing your preferred meals from McDonald’s, stores are likewise open within restricted hours. They are likewise providing choose menu products depending upon the availability. Some branches offer choose breakfast products all day. The operating McDonald’s stores offer take out, drive-thru as well as shipment services.

For delivery, you may purchase with the McDo app, get Food, Food Panda, or you may phone call 8888-MCDO.

For the listing of open branches as well as their operating hours, you may inspect here: MCDO store UPDATES!

Images courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines

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